5 Best Table Saw Stands in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated on February 6, 2021 by Robert L. Perkins

Every table saw you use needs a stand. A stand offers the comfort to use the saw without having to place the machine on inconvenient places. But not all stands are worth it. In fact, some of them can be totally useless, unstable, difficult to use, and sometimes even uncomfortable.

That’s why you must only go for the best table saw stand possible if you want the perfect experience. Here, we’re going to teach you everything there’s to know about table saw stands and how you can get the right one.

Don’t worry, though. We’re going to make it clear and easy to read. So, are you ready to start learning more about them? Then keep scrolling further!

Best table saw stand – Comparison

ImageProduct NamePrice
Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand for Smaller Portable SawsRousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand for Smaller Portable SawsCheck Price
Bosch TS2100 Gravity-Rise Table Saw StandBosch TS2100 Gravity-Rise Table Saw StandCheck Price
DEWALT DW7440RS Table Saw StandDEWALT Table Saw Stand, Mobile/Rolling (DW7440RS)Check Price
Bosch GTA500 Folding Stand for 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw(GTS1031)Bosch GTA500 Folding Stand for 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw (GTS1031)Check Price
DEWALT DW7451 Compact Table Saw StandDEWALT DW7451 Compact Table Saw StandCheck Price

5 Best Table Saw Stand Reviews

We spent some time learning about them to come up with this list. And we also had to look only for models that were worth considering. So here you have reviews for 5 of the best stands out there – so you can pick the one that best meets your demands:

1. DEWALT DW7440RS Table Saw Stand

DEWALT Mobile/Rolling Table Saw Stand

Key Features

  • Lightweight mobile stands
  • Heavy-duty kickstand wheels
  • Sturdy, Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Wide stand base and offset rear legs

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Everything you could hope the best portable table saw stand to offer – the DW7440RS from DeWalt provides it.

This 33-pound table saw stand makes it easy to move your table saw around as well as working at a decent height. Having to carry so little weight will be simply amazing – and even more so if you consider the wheel design to bring almost anywhere.

It is still one of the most durable you can get. The heavy-duty kickstand construction makes it super sturdy. No matter the type of table saw you mount over, it will support the weight and make sure you’re always comfortable and stable.

This gets even better when you consider the broad stand base. Along with the offset rear legs, you can expect fantastic stability that will keep your work stable and straightforward at all times.

As for assembly, you can enjoy a quick-connect system with brackets. This will make it a piece of cake to attach different types of table saws. Yet, it will also make it easy to dismount when needed, so you don’t waste any time or effort.

Lastly, the entire stand is foldable and easy to bring around. The quick-release levers let you collapse the stand and store and transport without spending any effort. In fact, the folding design is so small that you won’t believe how practical it actually is.

From sturdiness to the practical design, and its outstanding lightweight build – the DeWalt DW7440RS is an exceptional model to consider.

  • Unbeatable weight at only 33 pounds
  • Super sturdy kickstand build with steel
  • Unique offset leg &broad stand base for stability
  • Excellent wheels & foldable design for practicality
  • The stand could be a little taller
  • Takes a lot of footprint due to its offset leg design

2. Bosch TS2100 Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand

Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit
Bosch TS2100 Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand

Key Features

  • Universally adaptable
  • Exceptional portability
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 8-Inch treaded wheels

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For those looking for an extra inch of portability – the Bosch TS2100 comes like a perfect model to consider.

This bosch table saw stand comes with a Gravity-Rise system. That means it can rise with a simple turn of a lever so you can work on it with ease. And with its ability to stand up to 250 pounds of total weight and still providing little to no instability – this model will make your woodworking experience way better.

But the real benefit comes from its 8-inches treaded wheels. When you’re not placing a table saw over, you can still move it around with so much ease that it will feel like playing.

And when you’re using it, it fits all kinds of table saws. You can make it work with practically any model out there, no matter the brand. It works with DeWALT, Hitachi, Craftsman, Ridgid, Makita, and many others.

If you have a table saw that’s not from Bosch, then this stand won’t be a wrong choice. Still, you’ll be happy to know that it is still a pretty sturdy stand overall. It comes with 1.5-inches thick steel. That’s hard enough to handle even the heaviest of table saws.

Apart from all that, you get a collapsible design that allows super easy storing & transportation. And with its 52-pounds of total weight – you won’t believe how easy it can be to move this stand around when needed.

From its portability to its sturdiness and compatibility – you won’t find many options like this – so it is an excellent product to have.

  • Withstands up to 250 pounds of weight
  • Super sturdy steel construction
  • Weighs only 52 pounds for easy carrying
  • Practical wheels make transportation easy
  • Assembly instructions could be better
  • Not the tallest stand out there

1. Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand

Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit
Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand for Smaller Portable Saws

Key Features

  • Fits Smaller Portable Saws
  • Includes T-Style locking fence
  • Increase rip capacity
  • Micro Adjust Assembly

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The first one comes from a not-so-popular brand Rousseau. But not being the most popular doesn’t necessarily mean it offers less quality. It’s actually the other way around. The Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand comes with everything to host all kinds of table saws going from DeWalt models up to Skilsaw, Bosch, and more.

Of course, it only works with a few specific models – but that’s still impressive despite not being a table-saw brand itself. It works better with small models, though. So that’s a massive advantage if you’re a portable-saw lover.

Still, the real advantage comes from its construction and overall design. Here, you can enjoy a powder-coated steel construction with professional-grade laminate.

That means you get a heavy-duty build – ideal for superb stability and a long-lasting product overall. Still, you get a lot more from this table than an excellent construction. One of these features is the T-style locking fence. It allows superior accuracy and ensures a more convenient adjustment system.

The fence also allows the rip capacity to increase up to 27 inches. And sure enough, you’ll have the chance to work at 34.5-inches for a much more comfortable experience altogether.

Finally, you’ll enjoy a foldable design as you can store and bring around when needed. Along with a small router, this stand will make your woodworking experience way more enjoyable.

It is filled with practical features and comes with a pretty handy design. That’s enough to say it is not an option to dismiss.

  • Superb fence increases rip capacity to 27 inches
  • Excellent 34.5-inches of working height for comfort
  • Sturdy & long-lasting, heavy-duty steel build
  • Practical foldable design for easy transport & storage
  • Somewhat expensive
  • The laminate plate can feel a little fragile

4. Bosch GTA500 Folding Stand

Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit
Bosch GTA500 Folding Stand for 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Key Features

  • Light weight Exclusive
  • Folds flat for convenient for transport
  • Attach and detach saw stand
  • Solid and durable

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If what you’re looking for is an extra touch of simplicity – then you’ll find the ideal option in the Bosch GTA500.This is a folding stand that demands little to no effort to use, assemble, store, and install table saws on. There’s almost not a single disadvantage despite its super simple design.

You can make it work with the Bosch GTS1031 like magic. It will fit the table saw wonderfully well, so you can receive outstanding reliability and enjoy a decently tall stand overall.

The true advantage, however, comes from its tool-free assembly system. You can attach and detach in a few seconds without making much of an effort.

Still, the machine is super sturdy. It boasts an all-steel design that delivers the perfect strength to handle the GTS1031 exceptionally well. Even if you’re working on the most complicated of projects, you will enjoy a stable experience.

Yet, the machine doesn’t leave portability behind. It folds flat, so you can store & transport with ease. And with its total weight of only 14 pounds, you can expect to handle it with just one hand wherever you’re going.

Despite all that, this stand manages to be one of the most affordable in the market. If you’re on a meager budget, you’ll find this model to be a fantastic choice without a doubt.

  • Extra-handy, tool-free assembly for fast  use
  • Magnificent simple design
  • Folds completely flat for more accessible storage & transport
  • Sturdy and reliable all-steel construction
  • Does not come with many features
  • A little unstable

5. DEWALT DW7451 Compact Table Saw Stand

Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit
DEWALT DW7451 Compact Table Saw Stand

Key Features

  • Heavy-Duty tube steel construction
  • Lightweight, easy handling
  • Integrated support bar hardware holes
  • Folding design for easy transport and storage

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For those who want the most straightforward and most practical stand out there – the DeWalt DW7451 will ultimately meet their demands.

This is a super-compact stand that lacks nothing. It boasts a sturdy build with heavy-duty tube steel, a simple design with not many features or useless quirks, and a super straightforward folding and mounting process.

You can expect it to deliver a safe and stable operation every time with its steel construction. Yet, it also offers the chance to fasten up your table saw with ease thanks to bar-hardware holes. Any table saw you mount over this table will stay stable and secure at all times.

Apart from that, this standstill manages to be super light. At only 13 pounds, bringing this stand around will not be a problem in any way. And you can add the utterly small foldable design that makes it even easier to transport – wherever you go.

Its design was initially oriented towards fitting the DW7480 wonderfully well. But you can also pair it up with many other similar table saws with no problem.

The focus of this machine is to be practical and straightforward while being amazingly secure and easy to use. And sure enough, DeWalt makes sure that you get all that without fault.

Whether you’re on a low budget and want a quality stand or love simplicity over anything else – then you’ll find the DW7451 stand from DeWalt a great choice for sure.

  • High-quality steel construction for extra stability
  • Folds into a flat design for easy storage and handling
  • Weighs only 13 pounds for a practical experience
  • Simple assembly & table saw mounting process
  • Could be a little higher for comfortable use
  • Might take more time than expected to assemble

Buyer’s Guide

Even though we gave a decent review that may help you find the right stand – there’s still a lot more to learn. Here we explain all the different factors that honestly matter when picking one of these:


Before you make a choice, be sure that the stand is sturdy and reliable enough for your needs. We usually recommend models with steel constructions than any other. That ensures excellent durability & stability without making stands too hefty.


You would not only want a robust stand but also want something practical and easy to handle. That’s why you must go for the simplest model possible. We usually recommend collapsible stands that you can carry and store with ease.

But don’t worry if the one you are going for is not that simple. A high-end stand will come with a wide array of features for extra convenience, adding some weight and heftiness to the piece – but it will still be worth it if that’s what you want.


The weight of the stand will tell you how easy it will be to transport, assemble, and move around when needed. Apart from that, the right weight can also make sure you get something easy to handle but also something decently strong.

For us, the ideal weight is anything between 15 and 30 pounds. That will be enough to get a decently strong yet light stand for your table saw. But don’t ignore those with less weight than that – they can still be beneficial.


Even if you get the best table saw with stand, getting something that demands little to no time to assemble and use may not be so easy.

That’s why it is super important to go for models that don’t require much time or effort to assemble. For that, consider models with quick-connect features and things like that. Those will be ideal for assembling in a breeze.

 DIY with table saw stand DIY


Apart from the assembly, build, design, and weight, you must consider how compatible the stand is with most table saws.

You’re going to find models that are specifically made to fit some table saws only. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t work for others.

Still, the best thing you can do is pick something that offers broad compatibility. This way, you can make it work with any table saw. Consider the size and weight capacity as well as that will make it or break it when choosing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know it can be super hard to learn everything there’s to know about stands. That’s why we have also brought a few additional questions with their answer, so you can be even clearer before buying:

Q: Can I use a table saw stand with any other kind of saw?
A: While it may be possible– we don’t recommend doing so. Instead, try to look for the right stand for the specific type of saw you’re using.
In stands and other similar accessories, quick-connect refers to a process that demands no effort or time to assemble. It usually requires no bolts, fasteners, or annoying processes. Just stick, adjust, release, tighten, and that’s it.

Q:   Should I remove the table saw from the stand before storing it?
A: It is not necessary. But sure enough, it is recommended to save some space. Even the best portable table saw with stand offers a foldable feature for storing – which gives you an idea of how important it is to remove or at least disassemble when storing.

Q:  Are most stands compatible with all table saws?
A: Not really. In fact, most stands fit only a specific type of table saws (either compact or big models). So you will have to choose according to the size above anything else.

Q:  Is it necessary to clean my stand after using the table saw?
A: Yes, every time. While letting it filled with dust and debris won’t necessarily cause damage, it may eventually start building up and sticking to the surface. And sure enough, you don’t want that to happen.

So, What Should You Buy

Choosing the ideal stand for your table saw won’t be an easy choice. With so many excellent models to consider and so many features to think about – you’ll probably have a hard time. But we want to ease it up for you.
That’s why we’re recommending the DEWALT DW7440RS Table Saw Stand as the best table saw stand you can get. Every single feature it offers– sturdiness, and exceptional portability makes it an undoubtedly fantastic option to go for.

Otherwise, you can always go for the Bosch TS2100 Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand. It offers a unique gravity-rise feature for ease of use and a decently sturdy construction overall. So it won’t disappoint you either.

Whatever you go for – remember to pick something that meets your standards. As long as you do that, you will be more than happy with your choice. You won’t regret it!

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