Dremel 4000 vs 4200 Rotary Tools – Which is The Best?

Last Updated on October 12, 2021

There is no denying the importance of keeping a good rotary kit in your toolbox.

For such power tools with their rotating tips and multi-attachment options makes it their life’s mission to facilitate any type of creative project to perfection.

Sanding, drilling, etching, buffing, polishing, cutting, curving, grinding, or simply sharpening knives, or scissors, a rotary tool never shy away from any errands. Nor does it avoid working on any surface like metal, wood, glass, plastic, etc.

A lot being said, today, I will bring your attention to the fine details of two such powerful rotary kits, aka the Dremel 4000 and the Dremel 4200.

So, you can decide and make a worthy investment choice when thinking of adding a new tool to the collection.
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The Brand: Dremel

Rotary kits are simply an essential tool for every workbench!

And when it comes to manufacturing the tool itself, the name Dremel is the one you should pay attention to. Founded in the year 1932 by the American Inventor Albert J. Dremel, the company named after its founder, is considered a pioneer in the field of power tool production.

Proof of their craftsmanship reputation perhaps lies in the fact that Dremel rotary tools were used in the development of the first atomic bomb. Although not a factor to be especially proud of given the circumstances, this, in a way, does vouch for the device’s precision, versatility, and high-quality performance.

Tool Kit & Accessories

This segment is probably the best place to look into if you want to pinpoint the difference between the two models. Hence to help you in regards, I have hereby assembled a list of the accessories offered by each tool kit.

Let’s compare the accessories of both the products.

Dremel 4000

The renowned 4000-2/30 rotary tool kit consists of a Dremel 4000 rotary tool, a hard carry case, an accessory case, two attachments, and 30 accessories.

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Out of the two attachments, one is a circle cutter guide or straight edge, and the other is a grinding or sanding guide. Whereas the 30 accessories comprise of –

  • For cutting: 2 regular cut-off wheels, and 2 fiberglass-reinforced ones
  • For sanding: 1 sanding drum, 6 sanding bands, and 8 sanding discs
  • For polishing: 1 polishing compound, 1 carbon steel brush, and 2 felt polishing wheels
  • For grinding and sharpening: 1 grinding wheel (aluminum oxide) and 2 grinding stones (aluminum oxide and silicon carbide)
  • 2 mandrels (one screw, the other regular)
  • 1 wrench
  • 1 high-speed cutter for engraving or curving
  • 1 multipurpose cutting bit

Dremel 4200

The 4000-6/40 rotary tool kit, on the other hand, consists of a Dremel 4200 rotary tool with EZ change, a hard case, six attachments, and 40 accessories.

The six attachments mainly comprise of one shield rotary, lawnmower plus garden tool sharpener, one multipurpose cutting kit, one straight edge circle cutter, one sanding or grinding guide, and lastly one detailer’s grip.

As for the 40 accessories it provides–

  • For cutting: 1 regular cut-off wheel, 1 thin-cut wheel, and 1 spiral bit
  • For sanding: 1 sanding drum mandrel, 18 sanding bands, and 9 sanding discs
  • For polishing: 1 regular and 1 carbon brush wheels
  • For grinding and sharpening: 3 grinding stones (2 aluminum oxide and 1 silicon carbide)
  • For engraving or curving: 1 high-speed cutter and 1 HS engraving cutter
  • 1 lock mandrel
  • 1 drill bit

Dremel 4000 Vs 4200

To provide precision service each year, Dremel is seen to bring forth new and improved tool kits to support the ongoing customer wants and demands.

But with option comes dilemmas. With the foremost being what to choose! And it doesn’t help that the company within a short span has delivered two new models, the Dremel 4000 and the Dremel 4200.

So, if you are also interested in learning, which is the better of the two’s to invest your cents, then tag along! As I am about to draw their comparison in the easiest of terms possible!

The Weight

In terms of weight, the Dremel 4000, with its 4.67 pounds, is slightly heavier than the 4200 model. 3.97 pounds in weight, the later design in being lightweight helps users to undertake long hours of project-work more conveniently.

But then again, the mere 0.7pounds of weight difference may not seem that much of a game-changer to a veteran user.

Power Source

Both the Dremel 4000 and 4200 are 1.6 Amp electricity operated devices. Offering superior performance with auto adjust power dimension and flexible speed options, the two models especially helps to facilitate the different requirements demanded of the diverse work range to which they cater.

The speed of the devices could be easily adjusted between 5000 to 35000 rpm by simply shifting the dial found on the body from left to right and vice versa.

Power Cords

Compact and easy to maneuver, the only bummer lies in the fact that the devices are both corded, as opposed to the battery operated Dremel 8000 cordless models.

Which, if you ask me, is not a negative!

Admittedly, corded devices are known for restricting freedom of movement to a certain degree. But when it comes to delivering solid performance, corded devices are more consistent and less troublesome in comparison to battery-run devices, whose performance is heavily reliant on the amount of charge left behind.

But here again, the 4200 & 4000 offers solace in the fact that they both come with a 7 and 6-foot long electric cord, respectively. Thereby providing ample space for the users to work away conveniently.

dremel 4000 Rotary Tools

The Lock System

The most significant difference between the two tools exists in their locking system, aka the accessory change system. In theory, both the Dremel rotary tools use the EZ lock technology to change attachments and secure them in place. However, in practicality, their mechanism varies highly from one another!

To start with, the Dremel 4000 uses the “EZ Twist Nose Cap” mechanism. Spelling that to change between attachments, one has to twist and unscrew the small collet wrench on the device.

While this may not sound like a lot of work, but when pressed for time or under pressure, screwing and unscrewing collets may come across as overwhelming.

The Dremel 4200, on the other hand, with its “EZ change” lock, makes use of the age-old pull lever system.

That is to change an attachment in a 4200; all one has to do is to press down the integrated levers on the device, to release the accessory shaft, and then replace it with the desired ones. That’s it; the mechanism is that fast and simple!

Which One To Choose?

When features are vetted against one another, the Dremel 4000 is undoubtedly the winner. Although, as the victory here is only own by a slight margin, therefore the decision doesn’t have to be set in stone.

So my advice to you would be to take a good look at the two devices and then buy the one that best suits your needs!

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