The Best Wire Crimping Tool In 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on December 8, 2021

If you are a professional or just about anyone who loves fiddling around with cables, then you are no stranger to wire crimping tools.

There are tons of wire crimping tools available at your disposal. However, not all of them are fit for the purpose because of their flaws, complications, and overall substandard quality.

Using a second-rate tool would complicate the whole process and leave you with a painful experience. If you are someone like me, you’d want to pick the best wire crimping tool.

Finding the perfect one can be a strenuous task. Fortunately, you’ve come across the right place as I’ve done all the researches necessary to present you with the 5 top wire crimping tools!

Best Wire Crimping Tool – Comparison

Titan 11477 Ratcheting Wire Crimper Tool
Ratcheting mechanism with adjustable clamping
Wirefy Ratcheting Wire Crimping Tool
Designed For Heat Shrink Connectors
IWISS Battery Cable Lug Crimping Tool
Heavy Duty Wire Lugs with Wire Shear Cutter
IWISS SN-2549 Ratcheting Wire Crimping Tools
High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps

5 Best Wire Crimping Tools Reviews

To save you from the nuisance of having to research the market, going through websites to websites to find a suitable tool, I have cramped up the best ones and laid them right here for you to choose one and get crimping! Without further ado, let’s take a look at these remarkable tools.

1. TITAN 11477 Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimping Tool

Titan 11477 Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper Tool

Key Features

  • Adjustable compression wheel
  • Built-In safety mechanism
  • Ratcheting mechanism
  • Durable
  • Quick-release lever

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Titan tools 11477 is your best pick if you’re looking for something simple, easy to use yet manages to deliver correctly. You can’t simply go wrong with this one. Its user-friendly and durable nature makes it worth every penny.

This one has a unique ratcheting mechanism that allows the user to adjust the compression, something that is missing in many other tools. It also ensures that crimping only once would be enough to get the job done, saving both time and effort. Most of the tools require you to crimp multiple times before the process is done.

Moreover, this ingenious device’s design includes a firm steel jaw to do the crimping efficiently and offers a comfortable grip to make it easier for you to hold it. Its durability is higher than most other tools and will last long. So, if you pick this one up, you’re set for a while to enjoy great crimping experience.

Besides all these great features, it also boasts color-coded wire size markings in the jaw to assist you with determining which one to use for different kinds of wires. As a result, you won’t have to wonder in confusion. All you have to do is take a look at the markings, and you’ll know what to go with right away.

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Made to last long
  • Color-Coded wire sizes for direction
  • Extremely reliable
  • Special ratcheting mechanism
  • Requires extensive force to operate
  • Unsuitable for working on tight areas
  • Not the best design for leverage

2. Wirfy Terminal Crimping Tool for Heat Shrink Connectors

Crimping Tool For Heat Shrink Connectors - Ratcheting Wire Crimper

Key Features

  • Adjustable compression wheel
  • Comfortable, non-slippery grips
  • Auto release mechanism
  • Option to lock connectors

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This brilliant crimping tool boasts one of the most efficient ratcheting mechanisms, which ensures solid crimps almost every time without fail. The device is most suitable with heat shrink connectors.

Its adjustable star wheel enables you to adjust crimping height. As a result, you can set the right amount of crimping force needed for crimping various types of wires. This abolishes the requirement of placing unnecessary effort.

The smartly designed auto-release system allows the safe release of the crimper jaws that never get stuck or require additional force. It will automatically release itself as soon as the wire is crimped.

To prevent hand fatigue due to applying force on the crimp handles, it has ergonomic cushioned handle grips, which is also made non-slippery and ensures a stronger grip. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about ending up with painful hands after a crimping process or the tool slipping out of your hand.

A distinctive feature of this remarkable tool is that it allows the locking of connectors before inserting the wires. This helps to align the connector perfectly and terminates the risk of misalignment.

This first-rate crimping tool is well known for its durability. You’re in for the long haul if you decide to go for this one as it is sure to last for a long time.

  • Substantial size, easy to carry
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Efficient ratcheting mechanism
  • Poor jaw design
  • Doesn’t work as well with smaller connectors

3. Hilitchi Professional Wire Terminals Crimper Tool

Hilitchi Professional Insulated Wire Terminals Connectors Ratcheting Crimper Tool

Key Features

  • Self-adjustable crimping plier tool
  • Made of special steel
  • Precise crimping die sets and integral lock with self-release
  • Compelling ratcheting action
  • Simple &light design

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This one doesn’t have an appealing look. But you would make a mistake if you decide against it based on its look and low price. For it comes with some fantastic features and is preferred by a lot of professionals for its reliability.

It can handle butt terminal connections, most of the semi and fully insulated terminals, which is by no means an easy task.

This tool possesses a self-adjustable ratchet mechanism. This eliminates the need for placing a lot of effort into handling and operating the tool. The tool itself will take it upon itself to do most of it for you.

Its ratcheting action is made to facilitate crimping by guaranteeing almost perfect crimping every time. You won’t have to worry about making failed crimps as you would with other inexpensive tools.

The design is quite light and compact. It won’t feel heavy while you are holding this. Thanks to the plastic coating, a stronger grip on the handle is ensured. The components of its ratchet crimping tools are specially made with steel materials to handle terminals the way others cannot.

This one is made for professionals. The makers didn’t compromise anything in its construction. Also, the result is this high-quality tool that would last longer. It does its crimping by the professional standard.

  • Perfect crimping results
  • Ergonomic design
  • Integral lock & safe release
  • Auto-Adjusting.
  • Difficulty in handling
  • Limited use

4. IWISS Battery Crimping Tool with Cable Cutter

IWISS Battery Cable Lug Crimping Tool from AWG 8-1/0 with Cable Cutter

Key Features

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Easy to operate
  • Hardened steel construction
  • High precision jaw design
  • Accurate bore diameter

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This tool is efficient in handling electrical devices and cables. Besides, it can also be employed for connecting fuse sockets, load switches, and electrical appliances. So, if that is your field of work, you should look into this tool.

The hard steel construction of this powerful tool makes for an excellent build, making it sturdy, reliable, and durable. Also, the metal plate on the crimp head is specially thickened. As a result, you are free to take on challenging and demanding tasks easily with this tool.

This one fits perfectly in automatic electronics work because of its high precision jaw, which ensures a very tight connection.

Loaded up with accurate bore diameter, this crimping tool ensures top-notch results. It also eliminates the chance of inconveniences raised by errors of measurements. If you’re worried about making the wrong measurements and want to play it safe, this is the perfect tool for you.

I like the fact that it’s elementary to use. There is no involvement of multiple levers to pull or switches to turn on. All you have to do is set the dies to your needs, pull the ratcheting wire terminal crimper and then start cramping.

The product has an anti-slip rubber-coated handle for comfort and to prevent hand fatigue after prolonged works. Its simple design with versatility, along with its durability, makes it a durable choice and earns itself a place in this review.

  • Sturdy, durable design
  • Top-Notch quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Reliable
  • Suitable for simpler tasks
  • Needs a lot of storage space
  • Unsuitable for small hands

5. IWISS SN-2549 Terminal  Wire Crimping Tool

IWISS SN-2549 Crimping Tools, Terminal Crimper Plier Ratcheting Wire Connector Crimping Tool

Key Features

  • High-Quality crimping effects after repeated crimping
  • Precise crimping dies
  • Integral locks with self-mechanism

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This one here is the most versatile crimping tool on the list. That is because it can handle the functions of numerous other tools and terminals. It can crimp #22 gauges as well as #18 gauges. Various types of connectors like JST, ATX, Molex, and IDE connectors are under its domain.

Its excellent build and high-quality design are sure to provide outstanding results in wireworks as well as durability.

This model features a precise crimping die set. Moreover, you are promised accurate work and satisfying results because of this ingenious feature. It leaves zero room for mathematical errors. Your wireworks will be of high caliber if you use this tool perfectly.

Its electrical wire discharge reduces the need for human involvement. It can be powered by electricity. This helps the tool to perform more advanced, complex, and heavier tasks. So, you’re going to be able to reach near-perfect polishing, which might not be possible using just your hands.

The jaws of this tool have three different sizes of crimpers built into it. You may set any of these crimpers depending on the size of pins and wires.

This tool also features a self-releasing mechanism. Once the wires are crimped, the jaws will automatically release itself, preventing the need for applying force to unlock the jaws. You won’t be needing extra effort any more than necessary.

  • Versatile tool with a wide range of functionality
  • Steel made ratchet crimping components
  • Multiple sizes of crimpers
  • Well-Functioning ratchet crimping
  • Requires constant maintenance
  • The weighty design makes it harder to carry
  • Uncontrolled force might slice up the wires

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Crimping Tool

It never hurts to be a rational buyer. You always want to go for the best one. However, you would still have to consider your needs to find the one most suited for you. The seemingly best one might not be a suitable one. So, there are a few things you must consider if you want to pick the right one.

Quantity of Operations

You must consider the volume of operations you are going to partake in. If you are a professional who has a heavy workload, you’d want to save as much time and effort as possible.

In this case, you’d want to go for automatic crimping tools designed to thrive under a heavier workload. In the case of smaller home tasks, you can go for simple handheld crimpers.

The Complexity of Tasks

Some crimping tools are made for more complex tasks than others. They also require expertise and technical skills. Similarly, your work might be advanced or simple. Figure out your task’s complexity and pick the one most suited for you.

Wire Gauge

Wire gauges come in different types. One climber is not enough for all kinds of gauges. Crimpers have limited gauges that they can crimp. Factor this into consideration in making a buying decision.


The warranty assures in case of any damage to the product. Also, it shows the confidence of the manufacturer in their product. You should compare the warranties of products and opt for the one with the best warranty.

Nature of the Crimping Tool

The market has two sorts of crimping tools available. One is the full cycle, and the other is a diagonal type. The entire cycle is a multipurpose one that can perform a wide range of tasks. The diagonal crimper, however, has limited use.

Benefits of Using a Crimping Tool

Tools are made to make things easier, and also a set of pliers, crimping tools are no exception. What makes crimping tools such a significant instrument in wireworks is that its use is not limited to crimping wires. Its application extends further than that. It serves multiple purposes. I’m going to list a few of its many uses.

Wire Cutting

Besides promising to do what it does best, which is crimping wires, it can also serve as a tool to cut wires. It usually comes packed in with wire cutter and cable stripper. This saves up the hassle of picking up a different tool to cut wires. Moreover, its portability and small size let you carry it with you all the time.

Joining Specific Connectors

This tool can also be used to form a connection between specific connectors.  Most of these tools incorporate connector shut heights specially designed to join particular connectors of many sorts. As a result, the joints are reliable and remain strong.

Handling Cables

This versatile tool also provides the option of handling cables. You can hold cables or use the tool for support during crimping or any other wireworks. It features a pushing bar along with an adjustable nut that enables you to handle the cables any way that suits you the best.

Terminating Components

Specific wires can be terminated using crimping tools like the twisted pair modular plugs, compression connectors. So, you can make a connection between the cables and the suitable device quite effectively using this tool without having to look elsewhere.

Stripping Wires

Some crimping tools come with wire strippers. This means you won’t be needing something extra to peel off the protective coating of an electric wire. You can pick up your crimping tool to do precisely that. This tool can deal with any wire-like Rubber, Nylon, PVC, Teflon, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crimping Tool

Q: How to crimp a UTP Cable?
A: First, cut off the protective coating of the cables. Then straighten and flatten them up into a horizontal line. Afterward, push the cables into a connector. Pick up the crimper and crimp it up afterward.

Q: What is a crimp connector?
A: This is an unsoldered connector. Crimping tools come to bring them into existence.  The connection using this connector is usually more permanent and reliable compared to soldered ones.

Q: What is an RJ45 connector?
A: Registered Jack 45 is a type of connection that is commonly used for an ethernet connection. It can be seen mostly in networking interfaces.

Q: Can I crimp live wires with crimpers?
A: Well, that is possible, but it is more of a question about safety. Is it safe? No! When it comes to electrical works, you must stay safe at all costs.

Q: What is crimping pliers?
A: I understand the confusion, but it is another name for crimpers. The name arises from the fact that these crimpers resemble pliers.

Q: What danger might one face in wire crimping?
A: Although safety measures are taken to prevent accidents, you might still cut or bruise your hands if you do not handle the tools with care. You should always be on guard to stay safe from these accidents that occur only due to a lack of attention.

So, What Should You Buy

Now that you’ve scrolled through the whole list, you should now have a good understanding of the best wire crimping tools available in the market.

I’ve tried to include the most reliable as well as durable tools, which are also easier to use. Now after comparing these tools, although each has certain specialty to them, the TITAN TOOLS 11477 seems the finest to me.

As I have stated before, you can’t simply go wrong with this one as it has a simplistic nature yet quite effective in handling rather complex tasks. If you are still uncertain about which one to go for, then take the help of our buying guide.

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