Best Impact Socket Sets of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on October 18, 2021

We were wandering around the market in search of some spectacular socket sets. After a while, it came to our mind, “boy, it’s quite a task!” Yes, finding the best impact sockets won’t be as easy as using them.

Nevertheless, we’ve done it and are now presenting you with a review article to make things simpler for you. Check out these products we were ecstatic to get familiar with. Yes, if these do not serve the purpose right, then no other unit will. Why do we say that? You are going to found out shortly. Read on.

Best Impact Sockets – Comparison

ImageProduct NamePrice
Sunex 3580 Impact Socket SetSunex 3580 Impact Socket SetCheck Price
GEARWRENCH 84948N Impact Socket SetGEARWRENCH 84948N Impact  Socket SetCheck Price
SK Hand Tools 4090 Impact Socket setSK Hand Tools 4090 Impact Socket SetCheck Price
TEKTON 4888 Impact Socket SetTEKTON Impact Socket SetCheck Price
GEARWRENCH 84916N Impact SocketGEARWRENCH 84916 Impact Socket SetCheck Price
Stanley 97-126 Impact Socket SetStanley 97-126 Impact Socket SetCheck Price

6 Best Impact Sockets Reviews

These models have successfully convinced us about their quality. Let’s see if they impress you or not.

1. Sunex 3580 Impact Socket Set

Sunex 3580 Impact Socket Set

 Key Features

  • Incredible radius corner for easy access
  • A large number of sockets to tackle any task
  • The universal joint makes the set useful for multiple applications

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We are about to review the most remarkable product on our list. This socket set has so many impressive features to offer that it will be difficult to keep track of all of them. That’s why we shall talk about only the ones you must know to acknowledge the value of this unit.

The best thing about this model is that it comes with both metric standards and SAE sockets. So, you will find almost all the sizes and shapes that you need during various types of projects. And we aren’t dealing with any ordinary level stuff. Rather, it’s a premium level tool kit that you are looking at.

Another awesome thing about it is that you will find in it all the requisite extensions you will need during work. So, if you want to tackle a tough task, you can go ahead with it being confident. And that’s why it’s one of the best impact sockets sets out there.

Moreover, they’ve provided you with a universal joint. And thus, you have one of the most versatile tools right in front of you. What I also liked is the variety of sockets it has to offer. Be it universal, deep, or standard, you will find each one of these in a considerable number in this socket set.

Sometimes you have a hard time having access to some tricky fasteners. But, that won’t be the case with this amazing product. What’s more, it will blow you away with the radius corner it features. Yes, you will know what I mean once you see it reducing wear of the fasteners. So, durability and design- check!

  • Both metric standard and SAE sockets
  • Requisite extensions included
  • Universal joint for versatility
  • SAE might be incomplete

2. GEARWRENCH 84948N Impact  Socket Set

GEARWRENCH 84948N Impact Socket Set

 Key Features

  • Molybdenum alloy steel construction makes you assured of its durability
  • Comes compatible with all impact wrenches along with many nuts and bolts
  • Offers a large number of head sizes for versatility

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Here’s another nicely versatile tool kit that you must check out. It comes with the best professional impact sockets.

Now, it makes no sense to buy a model with a few numbers of items, when the market is full of so many incredible options. Yes, you need to buy a unit that has all the necessary sockets you will need on most of the projects.

Now, the product will make you love your work more than ever. For, somehow it manages to make the toughest of tasks seem very easy. Yes, you will be pleased with the convenience this guy has in store for you. And if you are a perfectionist, you will love it even more.

I want you to check out the construction of this wonderful set. I mean, you don’t get to see molybdenum alloy steel to wear out much often, do you? Yes, we are talking about one of the sturdiest units out there. It will be years before these bad boys let you done.

Now, if you are worried about the compatibility of these sockets, then be so no more. For, they will go with the all impact wrenches along with many nuts and bolts. So, you won’t have to stop in the middle of the work and go out in search of new sockets. Sounds cool?

Now, what about the design of this unit? Well, I found it to be quite impressive. Especially if you want to do something about the too fast rounding, you will be game with the design. For, it will reduce any such unwanted happening.

  • Reduces too fast rounding
  • Wonderful compatibility
  • Very strongly built
  • No 25 mm socket

3. SK Hand Tools 4090 Impact Socket Set

SK Hand Tools 4090 Impact Socket set

Key Features

  • It avoids any damaged fastener for increased efficiency
  • Comes with an incredible nose-down design
  • Sockets are nicely marked to make identification easy

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The unit we are going to review now will satisfy any user who wants his socket set to last a long time. Yes, this is a USA -made product we are talking about. You cannot find any rival to it in this regard, period. It will be as durable as ever. Now, this isn’t all it has to offer.

The model is made using high-end technology to ensure perfection in work and the build quality is amazing as well. Also, they’ve introduced a rust-resistant material in it. Therefore, you can focus more on making good use of it rather than protecting it from bad stuff. And we all know how annoying it is to do the maintenance.

Now, an awesome thing about this unit is that any beginner will have a good time using it. For, they’ve included markings on the socket so that you don’t confuse about which one’s which. And that’s convenient at best as far as impact socket sets go.

I also liked how sockets work. It’s a bit different than any conventional method and a lot easier. And the fact that the sockets do not make the damaged fasteners more damaged is too brilliant. Yes, they will avoid these carefully.

Another worth mentioning thing is the nose-down design this set comes with. Thanks to this, you will have an incredible extension during work that will make the task much easier to do. This is because the tapering in these sockets is much than usual.

So, I recommend this USA-made product highly for anyone who’s looking for ease of use and cool design. For, it comes with the best impact sockets for the money.

  • Rust-resistant material
  • Needs no maintenance
  • Perfect for a beginner by being convenient
  • The socket is a bit smaller than 18 mm contrary to the claims of the makers

4. TEKTON Impact Socket Set

TEKTON 4888 Impact Socket Set

Key Features

  • Comes with 38 pieces of sockets for extreme versatility
  • The chrome compound is known to be highly durable
  • There are markings on the sockets to identify them easily and fast

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It’s amazing how some sets come with such a large number of items. I mean, when you see a 38-piece model in front of you, it kinds of boosts your morale. You feel like you can do any task, no matter how tough it is. Yes, this is how impressively large and versatile this product is.

They’ve been brilliant with the sizes of these sockets. I found these to be useful in most of the regular jobs. Therefore, if you can get a hold onto this unit, you aren’t likely to buy any other socket set soon. That will save you money, time, and effort.

Now, apart from versatility, our guy over here offers durability also. You’ve got to check out the construction of these tools to know what I mean. Once you see the chrome compound in place, you will have to agree with me on this.

Thus, you have one of the strongest units that will serve the purpose for a long time without wearing and tearing. And another thing I appreciated very much is the markings on these devices. With these introduced, the sockets become much easier to use and keep track of.

You see, sometimes you are in a hurry and have to complete the task within a fixed time. In those situations, you will find this marking feature to be extremely helpful. Now, if there’s anything I wasn’t cool with, it’s the case. They could’ve come up with something a little bit stronger.

But, if you can get past this fact, you will be pleased that you bought the socket set. For, it’s one of the most versatile and convenient models out there.

  • Perfect sizes and shapes
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Marking for easy identification
  • The case could’ve been better

5. GEARWRENCH 84916 Impact Socket Set

GEARWRENCH 84916N Impact Socket

Key Features

  • 44 pieces make the set useful in a wide variety of tasks
  • The included carrying case is quite nicely designed
  • Comes with brilliant surface drive technology for enhanced efficiency

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Let’s check out another strongly built socket set made by the best impact socket brand on the market. Yes, guys over there know how to make a socket set right. That’s why you see us reviewing two of their products in this article.

In terms of construction, this is one of the top models out there. We were impressed with the chrome steel material that has been used in making this outstanding product. For, there’s nothing like this that makes a socket set so remarkably sturdy.

So, if you are looking for a long-lasting set, this is the product you must consider buying. It will provide you with incredible impact strength, that’s for sure. Now, among the features it comes with, I found the surface drive technology to be the most brilliant.

Yes, it makes sure that there isn’t too much rounding of the fasteners. Thus, it keeps them protected for a considerable amount of time. Moreover, you will find a beautiful coating on the sockets. If you’ve ever come across a coating that has the most extreme corrosion resistance, it would be this one.

What’s more, there are markings on each socket so that you can identify them easily and use them according to your needs. That’s a convenience or what? With such a feature there, you won’t have to worry about using the wrong socket in the wrong place anymore. So, work accuracy will be enhanced altogether.

There’s another feature they’ve introduced in the model for the user’s benefit. That is the secondary hard stamp. This will add to the ease of use the unit already offers. So, when it comes to convenience, no other unit can beat this one.

  • Incredibly high impact
  • A large number of items
  • Cheap considering the features
  • No 10-inch extension

6. Stanley 97-126 Impact Socket Set

Stanley 97-126 Impact Socket Set

Key Features

  • The coating seems very impressive
  • A nice carrying case is included
  • 11 sockets to serve the purpose in multiple tasks

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It’s time we talked about the last product on our list. However, it’s far from being the least, be informed. And once you get to know the benefits it comes with for the users, you will be surprised at the price it has. Yes, our product over here is one of the most affordable ones out there.

Now, whenever you see a budget-friendly unit, you must keep your expectations at check. For, it only makes sense that a cheap model will lack one or two fancy features and won’t be as durable as an expensive one. And that’s the case with this socket set.

Now, will it serve the purpose of those regular tasks that do not require much strength? Of course, it will do it and more. You will be pleased to find the set offering you with 11 sockets that are made to do the job just alright.

Maybe, they won’t be the best ones for a professional level task, but when it comes to small DIY projects, they will be as good as any. So, if you are a beginner and want to get familiar with the particular line of work, this could be a great option for you.

I will recommend this product for the value it offers. The sockets in it are too good to be found in this price range. But, if you are looking for a high-end unit, you should check out the other products we reviewed.

  • Awesome entry-level unit
  • Will be within your budget
  • A good number of sockets to do many different tasks
  • Not the strongest

How to Choose the Best One

There are some very important factors playing a vital role when it comes to making a socket set great. With every product we reviewed, we saw these to be nicely covered.

Now, you already have an idea about how a unit becomes efficient since you’ve gone through our best impact sockets reviews. However, we feel that there’s still a need for a buying guide to make the buying decision perfectly right. So read on to find out what we have to offer.


It’s the most important thing to check out whenever we are dealing with stuff like this. Your socket set must be sturdily built. Otherwise, they will bring more misery than benefits. Now, you have to choose the material that is known to make a product durable and compatible with all impact wrenches.

We found the chromium steel to be a great option in this regard. This is the material some of the toughest units out there comes with. Also, molybdenum makes the models very sturdy. And it’s quite popular out there too.

Now, you have to understand that a sturdy construction will cost you some extra money compared to an ordinary one.

We’ve seen quite a few cheap models on the market that has chromium-vanadium as their materials. If you are impressed with their affordability, then know that you won’t be so with the build and durability. So, do not compromise on the quality of construction, even if you have to spend a bit.


There’s a common mistake made by some buyers that they buy the wrong socket set for their fasteners. If you go around buying a Torx socket for a hex head, you are going to be in trouble by all means. So, before setting out for buying a socket set, check out the bolts and nuts you want to work on.

The market will provide you with all sorts of sockets you need. It’s you who need to pick up the right ones. For example, if you are dealing with a flat head, then you must buy a flat socket.

This also applies to the size of the fasteners. You need to measure their sizes and choose a socket set accordingly. You can’t afford to make any mistake in this regard. Otherwise, the money will go to waste.

Now, there are two different standards when it comes to the size of the sockets. You have SAE and metric standard fasteners. Do not get confused about the units of these standards. For, if you don’t get it right with the inches and millimeters, the socket won’t be useful, period. So, consider this factor seriously.


When it comes to products like this, it’s always nice to have a good warranty. For, a company doesn’t go around providing the customers with long warranties, unless it’s very content with the quality of its products. With a good warranty, you will feel safe knowing that there’s help around if things go south.

Now, this might end up costing you an extra few bucks. But, if you ask me, I would say that you should go for it. For, it’s better to spend some money in exchange for a great warranty than to save it and buy a cheaply made product.


If you are new to this, you should go for an entry-level unit. Then once you’ve improved your skills, it would be cool to switch to a high-end model. See, some sockets might require a bit of experience to use them right. You will be in trouble if you buy one of them being a beginner.

Impact Sockets vs. Regular Sockets

You might be wondering, “It’s a socket at the end of the day. What does it matter if it’s an impact one or a regular one?” Now, you won’t be thinking this way once you know the difference between these two types of sockets. See, they both come with benefits to offer and have their disadvantages.


Now, the first difference you will notice is in the appearance. When it comes to impact sockets, they have this awesome matt black oxide finish. It’s stunningly beautiful. On the other hand, the regular sockets come with a chrome finish most of the time that doesn’t look bad either.

Corrosion Resistance

Now, in terms of corrosion resistance, you will find the impact sockets to be extraordinary. The finish they have on them doesn’t allow any corrosive to mess around. And in this aspect, they certainly are better than the regular ones. A regular socket isn’t as nearly resistant to corrosion as an impact unit.


The construction of a regular socket isn’t very impressive either. Compared to chromium-molybdenum steel construction of an impact socket, chromium-vanadium seems a bit too ordinary. So, when it comes to durability, you won’t be quite satisfied with the regular sockets.


In terms of versatility, impact sockets are much ahead of the regular ones. Yes, they can do the job the regular sockets do along with some other jobs.

For example, if any nut or bolt is giving you a hard time, you can use the torque of impact sockets to remove it. That’s something a regular tool cannot offer.


The last difference lies in the price. It’s only expected that an impact socket set will cost a bit more than a regular one. However, it will be worth the money, rest assured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an impact socket?
A: It’s a special type of socket that works with a driver or impact wrench. It provides the user with incredible torque.

Q: Are impact socket sets too expensive?
A: Not at all; in fact, they are quite affordable at times. We’ve reviewed some affordable units you might want to check out.

Q: What’s the best finish for impact sockets?
A: It’s the matt black oxide I liked the most. It looks fab and makes the product durable altogether.

Q: How does an impact socket look?
A: It looks a bit dark. You can easily distinguish between a regular socket and an impact one by looking at the shading the latter comes with.

Q: What’s the best material for impact sockets?
A: I found the chrome-molybdenum steel to be the best in this regard. It makes the product durable.

So, What Should You Buy

Now that we are done reviewing the best impact sockets, we understand that we’ve talked about a lot of things, and it will still be difficult to make the mind.

Therefore, we are going to recommend the best product on our list- the Sunex 3580, 3/8 Inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set. Yes, it will make a perfect choice for both a professional and a novice.

Other Buying Guides: