Wen 6550 VS 6552 Planer – Which One to Pick?

Last Updated on October 6, 2021

What is a thickness planer? It is a machine, which allows the user to simply shape and trim a wooden board in a uniform manner. While you work with the machine, you can observe the thickness changes on the surface. For both pros and beginners alike, a thickness planer offers a broad-planing solution.

In this article, we will pit the Wen 6550 VS 6552! Both of the machines by Wen holds remarkable potential and provides their customers with optimum resilience and premium performance.

The brand planted its seed in 1951, and for over half a century, its sole purpose was to supply top-notch products.

Aside from exhibiting countless features, Wen introduces their machines with maximum robustness and convenience. Whichever machine you may choose, rest assured, it is an investment that pays off at all costs. Let us indulge in the features that deliver a smooth no-blemish surface in the final finishing.

Wen 6550 Planer

Are you a woodworking enthusiast? Have you decided to work on small furniture construction? Well, here comes Wen 6550 to the rescue. Not only does this machine effortlessly functions once you run down the wood through it, but this model also ensures the best outcome when it comes to your work-in-progress projects.

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  • The flexibility of the knob gives you the liberty to change the height and the width
  • Dust extraction port keeps the working place clean
  • Lightweight structure for greater portability
  • The motor generates enough power to yield high-quality performance
  • The plastic used in the knob is of poor-quality
  • Paint from the table is constantly wearing off


This benchtop planer introduces a motor of electrical current of 15 ampere, which results in 17,000 cuts every minute. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, this will feed 26 feet per minute. Overall, the machine highlights exceptional competence when it comes to woodworking.


As for lining up your cuts, the Wen 6550 goes from 1/8 of an inch up to 6 inches thick; it may go a little bit above it. At the top, you will find the depth adjustment knob. While you operate the knob, you will find it to be quite smooth with its motion. Furthermore, you can run through woods that are up to 12.5 inches wide.

Granite Table

Wen 6550 introduces a granite countertop that is as flat as a pancake with a smooth and polished surface. The structure of granite is such that it does not diminish in value over time.

You can be sure of easy-breezy cleaning when it comes to granite surfaces. Besides, as granite is forged in high temperature and pressure, it can absorb heat without any problem.

Ergonomic Design

Aside from the smooth maneuverability of the adjustment knob, the Wen 6550 features a balance in the center that generates optimal efficiency and comfort in the working environment.

Moreover, it assists in reducing exhaustion and fatigue. On top of that, the body of the machine is made of aluminum, which not only resists the formation of rust but also provides increased strength and resilience to the entire structure.


Even if you work at your home in your comfort zone, you may still prefer your machine to assemble a compact construction. The Wen 6550 weighs about 5.7 pounds, which is considered very light so that you can carry it around places.

However, the product is not cordless; it comes with an extended cord system to allow you a larger working area.


This model has the dual carbon steel cutting blades present in its composition, which are reversible. To replace or sharpen the blades, you may follow a few simple steps using a socket wrench to access the blades and replace them.

Wen 6550 ensures the utmost user-friendliness. These blades help provide you with a refined project result.

Dust Extraction

The problem with most thickness planer is they are incredibly messy. Trimming a chunk of wood with a benchtop planer results in releasing a huge amount of dust and debris.

For such circumstances, Wen 6550 introduces a dust extraction port, including fans, which keeps your working space clean, and prevents clogging up of the motor.

Wen 6552 Planer

We all know one of the most major woodworking machines is the thickness planer. However, when you search for one, you may find many expensive options but few reasonably priced high-quality machines. Wen 6552 is one of the exceptions, which offer both affordability and high-end performance.

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  • Three dual-edged blades ensure optimal cutting of the wood
  • Extremely powerful motor that allows you to do heavy-duty work
  • The dust collection system sanctions hygienic area
  • Prevention of snipe at any cost
  • Slightly more pricey
  • Cast iron is prone to rust


The Wen 6552 comes with an electrical current of 15 amperes. This heavy-duty machine can manage up to 25,500 cuts every 60 seconds with a 26 per minute feed rate.

Moreover, the speed of this model goes as high as 8500 revolutions per minute. Instead of purchasing a device that costs an arm and a leg, this machine provides you with massive power at a low price.


As opposed to its counterparts, the Wen 6552 introduces 13 inches broadness in its width. Furthermore, the benchtop planer consists of a maximum stock thickness of 6 inches. Besides, this model also offers a height-adjustable feature that allows the user to accommodate their projects accordingly.

Infeed and Outfeed Tables

Snipe is a common phenomenon with a thickness planer; while running a board through the machines, sometimes the cut gets deeper. However, the incorporation of collapsible infeed and outfeed tables helps bear the larger projects and allows smooth operation without the fear of snipe.

Ergonomic Design

The benchtop planer comes with two handles that aids in comfortably moving around the machine. Besides, the building block of the machine is cast iron and steel, which ensures sturdy and robust construction along with good resistance to abrasion.

Moreover, the material removal gauge feature notifies you to make sure about the cutting depth. Snipe is out of the question with Wen 6552 now.


Unlike the previous model, Wen 6552 is not a lightweight structure. It weighs about 66 pounds. Moreover, the product needs to be connected to an electric source to function. That suggests, the inconvenience of a cord hanging around your work area.


This product’s thickness planer includes a tri-roller feeding feature in its formation, to make sure of the ultimate reduction of snipe issues. It incorporates three double-edged blades that ensure precise and accurate cutting of the wood.

Additionally, these blades are reversible and can be extracted by using a wrench; this will allow the user to replace or fix the blunt edges.


It consists of a dust chute and a dust chute adapter, which can be connected to a dust hose. In addition, through the assistance of the fan, the dust and debris collect properly without making a mess around the working region.

Final Verdict

Overall, both of the thickness planers maintains substantial value. Ultimately, the decision solely depends upon you, since your preference is the most vital aspect. However, if we had to choose the victor after listing all the features, then the Wen 6552 is our choice.

In comparison to Wen 6550, the model 6552 possesses significantly more power. In fact, Wen 6552 ensured all its projects to be snipe-free; it included several features to prevent issues concerning snipe at any cost. The final finish of the surface would be shiny and even.

Last but not least, we hope this article helped you decipher between the battle of Wen 6550 VS 6552. You may advance with a stress-free purchase.
decision wisely, and let’s give the professionals a run for their money.

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