Kreg K4 vs Kreg K5 – Which One is Better?

Last Updated on October 26, 2021

Without proper assistance, wood joining is a complete mess. We can’t imagine trying to build wood without a Kreg jigs tool. Because of that, lots of woodworkers get Kreg tools as they severely make things easier.

Putting up with glue and trying to position wood can be a total mess. But if you do some research, you will come across both the Kreg K4 and the Kreg K5.

So, it makes you think; Kreg k4 VS Kreg k5which one is more efficient? Rest assured! In this guide, we’ll take you from a newbie to getting a Ph.D. in Kreg tools.

Kreg K4 Review

Let’s start off with the most well-known Kreg. The Kreg K4 has been around for quite some time now. And it has proven to be an indispensable tool for any woodworker.

Whether it be putting two pieces of wood together or building your next dream project, the Kreg K4 has everything to help you make your dreams come true.

Easy-to-Use Design

With a simple yet powerful design, this woodworking machine has three holes in it to guide the drill to get that perfect angle when dealing with wood.

So, when you get the drill ready, it will go through the holes, essentially creating a pocket hole.

Maximum Practicality

Don’t worry! We’re just getting started. To give the user more control over the machine: the height of the guide block can be adjusted. This way, you can set the thickness of the wood as much as you need.

Moreover, the bench mount of the machines comes with two gauges on both sides. The gauges of the clamping machine will allow you to set the stop collar on any of the step drills.

For convenience purposes, the Kreg K4 has a cavity that you can find at the end of the machine. The hole allows you to clamp it to a board for as long as you need it.

Top-Notch Adjustability

Another thing we love about this well-built machine is how easy you can adjust the plunger. For example, if you’re dealing with thick wood, you can set the plunger for it to fit the wood.

And finally, what makes this machine such a high-quality woodworking machine is how tightly this clamping tool holds the wood that you fit in.

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kreg k5 pocket-hole jig review

Now that we got the Kreg K4 out of the way: Let’s take a look a the K5 and see why it’s worth your time.

Never has it been so easy to build your dream projects with a Kreg tool. With the Kreg K5, that project you’ve been putting off for so long can now see the sunlight

Superb Dust Collection

With innovative features such as a powerful swiveling dust collection, you will never have to worry about your machine making a mess again.

To stand out from the crowd, the Kreg K5 is the fastest and most advanced Kreg tool. In no time, any project that you want to work on will seem like a piece of cake.

Ultra-Easy to Use

The intuitive yet sturdy design of this machine allows anybody to get started right away. It does not matter what your background is. With this clamping tool, you will have an easy time picking up the basics of the Kreg K5.

Another excellent feature we love about the Kreg K5 is how easy it is to adjust the height. To match the board thickness you are dealing with, all you need to do is take out the quick-release pin and set the height of the drill guide.

Exceptional Adjustments

When it comes to clamping, this clamping machine is a top-notch option. What makes this possible is the ratcheting clamp that you can control by using a handle that you can find on the back of the machine.

If you want to position your pocket holes, this clamping machine comes with an adjustable workpiece stop. This way, you will get your pocket holes wherever you want.

And to top it off, it comes with large wing extensions that you can remove any time you want. So, if you need to work with large pieces of wood, you will be able to perform just fine with it.

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  • The quick-release Drill Guide Block makes set up simple
  • Removable wing extensions
  • Super comfy design
  • Excellent clamping accuracy
  • Super easy to control
  • An exceptional choice for DIY-ers
  • The dust collection tool can easily break.

Kreg K4 vs Kreg K5 Comparison

Now that we know more about these powerful tools, we’ll be going through the main differences between these two powerful machines.

So, here are two main differences between the Kreg K4 and Kreg K5:


The main difference between these two machines that you will soon become aware of is the capacity.

For example, the Kreg K5 has two wing extensions that allow the machine to fit in relatively wide timber. Those wing extensions come in handy if you ever want to take on more demanding projects.

On the other hand, the Kreg K4 has a hard time fitting in large timber. It does not come with wing extensions, so this can be inconvenient if you wanted to work with large pieces of wood.

Clamping Range

The most important thing about a clamping machine is how well it secures your wood when you fit it in.

For example, a big difference between these two clamping machines is the clamping range in which you can adjust it.

The Kreg K4 has a hard time trying to hold wood tightly. Sometimes, you will find yourself readjusting the clamping machine. Readjusting can be incredibly frustrating and make you lose your workflow.

As for the Kreg K5, you get a clamp that you can point towards you. And it has a sturdy ratcheting clamp system to make things easy.

Because of that, the Kreg K5 holds your timber tightly. So, if you want a clamping tool that securely holds your wood, the Kreg K5 is a better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find common questions about clamping machines. Here are five of them:

Q: Which Kreg jig is best?
A: The best Kreg jig is the Kreg K5. It allows you to get more done in a short amount of time.

Q: Is Kreg K5 worth the price?
A: Yes, the Kreg K5 is worth both your time and money. The Kreg K5 features several tools to make the job easier.
For example, one of the main things we love about the Kreg K5 is how much capacity it has compared to other models.

Q:  Are pocket holes better?
A: Pocket holes are better as you don’t have to wait for them to dry up. You can get by only using pocket holes while denying glue.
However, it’s always nice to get that extra strength on anything you build.

Q: Do I really need a Kreg jig?
A: Yes, you need a Kreg jig if you want to put pieces of wood together. While it is true that you can get away without a Kreg jig, it is quite hard to pull it off and not worth your time.

Q: How much does a Kreg Jig cost?
A: You can find the Kreg K5 on Amazon for about $130. And you can find the Kreg K4 for about $100.

Final Thoughts

Kreg k4 VS Kreg k5 which clamping machine should I buy? Both clamping tools perform incredibly well if you need to clamp the wood.

But if you want a more sophisticated tool, you should get the Kreg K5 as it accomplishes better results.

Either way, none of these machines will disappoint you.