Floor Jack vs. Scissor Jack – Which One Is Better?

Last Updated on October 21, 2021

So, you bought a new car and now need to change the flat tire. So you go online and realize that you need to get a floor jack, and in some places, you find that you might need a scissor jack.

So, it raises the questions; floor jack VS scissor jack, which one should I go for? In this guide, we’ll go over the main differences that you must take into account if you want to pick up the right machine.

Without any further due, let’s go over the main differences between these two.

What Is a Floor Jack?

Floor jacks are used for lifting cars or any other heavy equipment. Most floor jacks come with four wheels that allow you to have more control over the floor jack.

Floor jacks are suitable for mechanical work, such as getting under a car. But, we don’t recommend getting under a car only held by a mere floor jack. The jack could fail on you and possibly get you killed.



  • Perfect for getting under a car
  • Ease of use
  • Sturdy design
  • An essential tool to have
  • Powerful performance


  • Can be hard to carry around


What Is a Scissor Jack?

A scissor jack is made up of two metal parts. In the middle of the scissor jack, you can find a threaded rod, so when you tighten that threaded rod, the scissor jack will open up just like a regular scissor. That is why you call it a scissor jack.

Scissor jacks come in incredibly handy when you get a flat tire on a vehicle as they allow you to change that flat tire.



  • Easy to carry around
  • Perfect for flat tire
  • Ease of use
  • Simple design
  • Smoothness


  • Not suitable for mechanical work under a vehicle


Floor Jack vs. Scissor Jack: Factors to Consider

Now that we’re on the same page, we’ll be going through some main factors that must consider before choosing one.

Knowing those tips will allow you to make the right purchase as well as stay safe when lifting a car.


When choosing between these two machines, the main thing you must consider is money. So, if you are on a budget and don’t feel as though you might use all the features that one of these two machines has to offer, you must consider the price.

We have noticed that a scissor jack is a lot cheaper than a floor jack. If you go on Amazon, you will realize that you can find an excellent scissor for roughly $25. However, some of them go for about $70.

But a $25 scissor jack will get the job done just fine.

As for the floor jack, they are a little bit more expensive than your average scissor jack.

In some places, you find them for about $100. Though, you might come across the expensive ones that go for about $280.

Ease of use

Both machines are relatively easy to use. You don’t need much experience to use one. You might figure it out right away. Now, finding a good lift spot is a whole different story.

But, if you need a machine that is light and allows you to carry it around, a scissor jack is less tedious to carry around than a floor jack.


As always, you want to consider convenience when buying something. While it is true that both machines are useful, only one might meet your needs.

For example, floor jacks can be too heavy for the average Joe. And to be fair, they are not exactly the easy type to carry around. So, it can be a little bit inconvenient for those folks that want to change a flat tire.

Now we got the scissor jack. At first sight, you will notice that scissor jacks are small, and they are not nearly as heavy as jack floors.

But if you want to change a flat tire, a scissor jack is the better option here.


At first glance, both machines seem to do the same thing, and while this is somewhat true, performance says otherwise.

Scissor jacks are excellent choices if you want to change a spare tire. However, we would never trust them to get under a car.

It is extremely dangerous to use a scissor jack to get under a vehicle as the vehicle could fall on you.

As for the performance of the floor jack, they are excellent choices for any mechanic that needs to lift a vehicle. But, we recommend getting a jack stand to prevent any possible event from taking place.

Conclusion – Which One to Go For?

Floor jack VS scissor jack, which one is the better choice? Both machines are excellent choices to carry inside your car. You could be driving in the middle of nowhere, and out of nowhere, you now need to change the flat tire.

Some people don’t like floor jacks as they are too bulky for most users. So, if they ever need to change the flat tire, getting a scissor jack allows you to do so while reducing weight.

But, if they ever need to do more than that, a mere scissor jack won’t get you anywhere, and that’s when a floor jack comes in handy.